Meal plan rates

Unlimited Meal Plan – $1,499 per semester
Frequent Meal Plan – $999 per semester (10 meals per week)
Pre Paid 100 Meal Card – $700 per card
Pre Paid 50 Meal Card – $375 per card
Pre Paid 25 Meal Card – $200 per card

Meal plan accepted at the following locations:
Walk-in pricing:
  • Breakfast: $7.50
  • Lunch: $8.50
  • Dinner: $9.50
  • Special Dinner: $14

Other important information

Cards are absolutely not transferable. Attempt to use another person’s Meal Plan may result in cancellation/forfeiture of Meal Plan. Meals may not be removed from the dining area. Please notify us immediately if your card is lost. There is a $10 pre-paid card replacement fee. Shirt and shoes must be worn at all times.

Sign up for a meal plan


  • •One Meal-To-Go per day is available for students whos class schedules, school activities, or job does not allow them to return for a meal period.
    Signup now at
  • For more information, contact Scott Café food services at 402-778-6305.