“The food in the cafeteria is awesome!”

“It’s great having someone always at the front desk of Scott Hall in case we need anything…”

“The RAs are awesome!”

“I love being able to sleep in and walk over to my class at PKI…”

“These (suites) are so much nicer than the dorms I lived in as a student.” – Parent during a tour

“I really came out of my shell my first year at Scott Village.”

“I love the random volleyball matches that get going on Scott Village’s sand volleyball court.”

“Where are the dormitory-style dorms? This seems like a resort…” – Parent during a tour of Scott Hall

“There is a real sense of community here. We’re kind of like one big family.”

“The RAs and J.O., our property manager, do everything they can to make everyone feel at home here.”

“My parents live 15 minutes away, but I choose to live here because of the amazing atmosphere.”

“I never imagined college could be so much fun.”