Scott Cafe

When: Back to Calendar March 4, 2020 (all-day)

7:00am-10:30am Continental Breakfast

Fresh fruit, yogurt, assorted breads, bagels, lemon poppyseed muffins, assorted cold cereals

7:30am-10:30am Breakfast Breakfast

Breakfast tacosTaco Nutrition, scrambled eggsEgg Nutrition, hard boiled eggs, kielbasaKielbasa Nutrition, diced potatoesDiced Potato Nutrition, blueberry granola pancakes,
steel cut oatmeal

8:00am-10:00am Grill

Made to order omelets

11:00am‑1:30 Lunch Buffet

Baked spaghetti & meat sauce, italian chicken, grilled portabellasMushroom Nutrition, au gratin potatoes, fresh sauteed
spinach with garlic & tomato, curly fries
Yellow cake with chocolate frosting, apple cobbler, M&M brownies

10:00am‑8:00pm Soup & Salad Bar

Potato baconPotato Bacon Nutrition, chiliChili Nutrition

11:00am‑8:00pm Deli Bar

Freshly sliced turkey, ham, assorted sliced cheese, leaf lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, pickles

11:00am‑8:00pm Grill

Made to order hamburgers, chicken sandwiches, grilled sandwiches, beef philly cheesesteak

11:30am‑7:30pm Specialty Bar

Pizza Bar

5:00pm‑8:00pm Dinner Buffet

Beef & broccoli, chicken pad Thai, vegetarian eggroll, white riceWhite Rice Nutrition, steamed edamame, curly fries
Cheesecake, chocolate moose cake