Scott Cafe

When: Back to Calendar November 6, 2019 (all-day)

7:00am-10:30am Continental Breakfast

Fresh fruit, yogurt, assorted breads, bagels, seasonal muffin, applesauce, assorted cold cereals

7:30am-10:30am Breakfast Buffet

Breakfast tacosTaco Nutrition, scrambled eggsEgg Nutrition, hard boiled eggs, kielbasaKielbasa Nutrition, diced potatoesDiced Potatoes Nutrition , cinnamon roll pancakes, steel cut oatmeal

8:00am-10:00am Grill

Made to order omelets

11am‑1:30 Lunch Buffet

Marinated flank steakFlank Steak Nutrition, poppyseed chicken, mozzarella cheese sticksCheese Stick Nutrition, rotini with marinara sauceMarinara Nutrition, german blend vegetablesVegetables Nutrition
curly fries
Chocolate cake with vanilla frosting, apple crisp, cream cheese brownies

10:00am‑8:00pm Soup & Salad Bar

Potato bacon soupPotato Bacon Soup Nutrition, chiliChili Nutrition

11:00am‑8:00pm Deli Bar

Freshly sliced turkey, ham, assorted sliced cheese, leaf lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, pickles

11:00am‑8:00pm Grill

Made to order hamburgers, chicken sandwiches, grilled sandwiches, beef philly cheesesteak

11:30am‑7:30pm Specialty Bar

Pizza Bar

5:00pm‑8:00pm Dinner Buffet

Mongolian beefMongolian Beef Nutrition, vegetable eggroll, chicken pad Thai , white riceWhite Rice Nutrition, steamed edamame, curly fries
Cheesecake, raspberry mousse cake

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